The HA1 is a fully discrete Bi-Polar headphone amplifier with a standard line level input with loop output, so you don’t loose an input, plus a rear panel switch-able dedicated MP3/iPod input. (trade marks acknowledged)

It has a very low output impedance and uniquely features a fully regulated power supply which both lowers noise and increases the dynamic range.  The pre-amp section is totally passive with the input going directly to the volume control. It will happily drive all know types of headphone with ease. This is no standard headphone amplifier.

The headphone output jack is a professional quality 6.3mm 1/4” Neutrik type which will prove very robust over many years of use. The sound quality is totally effortless with big out of the head imaging with clean clear dynamics which creates a very musical performance that totally belies this diminutive box, this actually makes headphone listening fun. It has all the usual Edwards Audio styling and gold plated PCB’s but most importantly is also covered by our 10 year guarantee

Max Input line 28mV
Max Input MP3 94mV
Gain 12dB
THD Distortion <0.005% 1kHz
Signal to noise ratio -85dB
Frequency response within 0.25dB
Stereo separation better than 65dB - 20-20kHz
Input Loading 100R with 2n2 capacitance
Output Jack 6.3mm / 1/4” 47K with 120pF
Output impedance <10 Ohms
Max output level 2W into 8 Ohms
Dimensions WxHxL 115mm x 47.5mm x 160mm
Weight 1Kg
Power consumption 3.5W