Now, you can add DSD to any DAC for only 169 euro. Yes. You read that right: pure DSD playback capability.. Meet Loki. Loki is a complete DSD DAC and switching system. Just connect the output of your current DAC to Loki, connect Loki via USB to your computer, and you’ve added DSD to your system.

DSD Only When You Need It
With Loki, you’ll instantly get DSD64 decoding from PC and Mac USB sources. But it also integrates with any DAC. Push the front-panel button, and Loki seamlessly passes through the output of your current DAC, untouched, so you can listen to all your other digital music.

A DSD-Optimized Design
Because Loki is a DSD-dedicated design, with no PCM decoding, we were able to optimize the output stage and filtering to the unique requirements of DSD. The result is cleaner output, from a stage that isn’t compromised to try to accommodate both DSD and other digital sources. Compare it to megabuck DSD DACs that also do PCM—and you might be very surprised!
The Right Path to an Uncertain Future
DSD is the buzzword right now. Some of us also remember when SACD, HDCD, DAT, reel-to-reel, ELcassette, and quadraphonic were the “next big thing” on the audiophile scene. There’s a very real possibility DSD will go the way of the dodo. Loki allows you to try DSD at a very low price, and decide if it’s for you—without throwing away your current DAC. If DSD succeeds, cool! If it doesn’t, you’re not out big bucks.
Made in USA 
By “made in USA,” we mean made in USA. The vast majority of the total production cost of Loki—chassis, boards, assembly, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the US. Our board house is 20 minutes away from our office in Newhall. Our chassis guys are just over the hill in the Valley. 
2-Year Warranty
Loki is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for two years. That’s 2x the coverage of most products in this price range.