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Soloist 6 moons It outperforms much more expensive equipment and sets again a new benchmark!!
AVguide not only one of the best headphone amplifier in the world, but it is also a world class preamp!
headfonia The best solid state amplifier I ever listened to
Mono and Stereo Highly recommended!!

6 moons hifi

"Blue Moon Award!! The new Benchmark in his class", better than Weiss and Antelope in test

Headfonia ...”There were many one box solutions other than the Burson, but so far,
none has been able to match the Burson in terms of overall sonic performance.”
Stereotimes I knew this was my sound, I almost wept!!!
Front End Audio Reference Class!!
HA-160 DS Headfonia it's a significantly sweeter amp sounding in my ears
Soundnews I recommend it to all passionated headphone enthusiasts

6 Moons hifi

Solid state done right, does sound very good, i'ts cleary one that leads to the goal!

AV-Guide A world class Amp, great value for money, your search can start and end here"

Headfonia Highly Recommended!!!
Digital Audio review A lifetime Purchase!!
Compvdio Reference Class!!
Lyde & Bild An excellent choice
DA-160 DAC Ron'sAudio blog highend pretenties voor een betaalbare prijs
Hjemmkino More concerned with sound and soul, 5 stars!!!

Video By Morten Teinum