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Magni Alpha Audio 4,5* van de 5*, indrukwekkend en betaalbaar
Modi Alpha Audio 4,5* van de 5*, indrukwekkend en betaalbaar
Asgard 6 Moons Approaching the insane in quality!!
Soundstage Unbelievable for this kind of price
CNET Highend is not always expensive hobby

6 Moons

Realisation Award!!!

Ditgital Audio review

There is no better to start with!!




Absolute Sound

best "budget" gear award
6 moons High value propisition
Headfi high performance product at its price

Dit zijn uitspraken van reviewers,u denkt ja ,is dat nog wel objectief? kijkt u dan even op het internet ,u vind zo vele positieve gebruikerservaringen van gebruikers

Given performance, build quality and boutique US manufacture, approaching the insane.” Srajan Ebaen

“I’m impressed that Schiit Audio can produce a headphone amplifier for 249E that sounds and looks as if it costs 1000E.
If you need a good headphone amplifier at a price that seems silly cheap, I suggest you rush your order directly to Sonority audio via their website, before they come to their senses and raise the price.” Vade Forrester

“High-end audio can be a rather expensive hobby, but every now and then I stumble across something really amazing, that’s priced for the real world.” Steve Gutenberg

Long story short on the early impressions: the Asgard is, to my ears, much more than 249.00 euro worth of amp, in terms of sound quality and versatility.” Jude Mansilla

“At the start of this post, I mentioned that I was impressed on an absolute basis. On a relative basis, I am floored. At this price point, I’ve not heard any worthy competition.” Head-fi, Kevin Karth

“A newcomer to the headphone amp world is Schiit (!); industry veterans Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard offer killer American-made amps for 249-349 euro. Couple them with phones from Grado, Sennheiser, Beyer, Audio-Technica or Denon, and you might never leave home again!” Bill Leebens

“Beautiful. Great price for refined construction and U.S.-made parts. Makes for a subtly better listening experience, by staying fuzz-free on even the most complex music. Awesome five-year warranty for parts.”Ramona Emerson

“Here is what the Valhalla is: an outstanding sounding headphone amp for the money. It’s dynamic, essentially transparent, and essentially neutral. Head-fi, Skylab

The Valhalla/Grado sound is fuller-bodied and organic; the Asgard/Grado combo offers greater clarity.” Female vocals were especially natural-sounding over the HD-580. An above-average-sounding concert rock CD, like the Drive-By Truckers’ “Live in Austin TX” had great dynamics, and its wide-open soundstaging made for a powerfully engaging listening experience. Steve Guttenberg

“I felt from starting with the Asgard that the company deserved an award. I simply wanted to sleep my way through all their super models before tacking that distinction on one. Because the Lyr does it all—power, refinement, quiet and drive into any commercial load—it’s the one.” Srajan Ebaen

“…what the Lyr does do better than maybe any other headphone amplifier I’ve heard “…the Lyr is my current favorite HE-6 energizer, of all the amps I currently have on hand .
literally kept re-playing the track–over and over and over. I’ve heard this piece many times through the HE-6, but not like that. Jude Mansilla

Simply put, the Lyr is exquisite overkill in almost every respect. And paired with a decent DAC, this is one headphone amp even the son of Odin could get behind. Plug in and you will truly feel like you’re in the hall of the mountain king.” Bryan Gardinier

5-star rating for sound and value What Hi-Fi (Poland)

“However, in a self-referencing, Escher-drawn twist, there might not be a better headphone amplifier from which to startone’s headphone journey. It has all ‘phones covered. For those adventurous enough to roll tubes, it could start and then end at this Schiit-stop.” Digital Audio Review (Australia)

when I compared the Bifrost with another DAC, like the CEntrance DACport (E399). I love that DAC, but the Bifrost is more see-through transparent.
I briefly compared the Bifrost with the Antelope Zodiac DAC/headphone amp (E1,500). The Zodiac sounded leaner, dimensionally flatter and generally less engaging. I tried to give it a fair shake, but it couldn’t hold my attention., Steve Guttenberg

Greatest Bargain (individual product)
The Schitt BiFrost DAC with fully upgradeable/replaceable USB and DAC boards wins this category hands down. It’s the first budget USB DAC that won’t be obsolete in less than a year. For E349 w/o a USB card and 449euro with, it makes you wonder why other manufacturers don’t offer obsolescence–proof DACs.Absolute Sound: Bifrost Best Budget Gear of RMAF!

“Given that the Bifrost had to tough it out in my big system rather than via headphones, I was simply more surprised than I perhaps should have been. After all, class A bias, no feedback, discrete FET-based outputs – these are suggestive items with in the right hands predictive outcomes. The Bifrost delivers. It thus plays outside what its spartan appearance or low price might predict.”, Srajan Ebaen

“At its price, it is a very nice piece of kit, and a good value. Schiit should be commended for providing a high performance product at this price.”Skylab, Head-Fi